It’s almost over.

This past weekend, we finished shading Project 0 up to page 60.

Page 60, or whichever page it would eventually fall on, has really been our primary goal since we started making this comic book nearly 2 years ago. It represents the first major turning point in the story, think of it as the mid season finale. So its at once a stopping point and a place that makings you hungry for more.

In the next week or two we should be ready to present Project 0, finer than its ever been before. Once we go back and do the lettering, as well as adding in a few finishing touches, we’ll finally be at Stopping-Point Point.

The site might go through a few changes as we try to refocus the narrative of Central City Tower. Rest assured the old school goodness you’ve grown to know and love will always be intact. We’re looking towards the future.

More to come.

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