Sorry we’ve been on the DL for the past few weeks, but for those of you who follow us regularly you know that means primarily one thing.

That’s right we’re on hiatus, which means we’re back in production mode. Over the past two weeks we’ve been tweaking the script to Project 0 Part 3 and preparing for a few local events we’re going to bang out in the first couple weeks of March.

The Tower is set to have a preview of Project 0 Part 2 published in Helicon Literary Magazine this week.

Next week, for those of you in the Chicagoland area, Northwestern University’s MultiCultural Student Affairs has been gracious to allow us a venue to showcase books 1 and 2 on their campus. The address is 1914 Sheridan Ave. Be there on March 10th from 6-9 to hang with the Tower. It’s a smaller venue than C2E2 last year, but all the more intimate. We’re looking forward to it.

More news to come, back to the old grind.


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