got the banner all set up and looking good…

Last Saturday The Tower made it’s debut at Northwestern University. We want to take a moment to give a special shout out the Assistant Director of Multicultural Student Affairs, Elaine Basa, for helping us set up and host the event.

It was a much different venue than last year’s C2E2. Not as many costumes, not as much noise. But we were still running the classiest booth.

This time, most of the clientele were personal friends and well wishers, so the setting was much more intimate and relaxed.

In the moments when we weren’t busy selling, we actually had a chance to generate some good discussion and show off exclusive previews of things to come. They’re still way early in the development phase, but once they’re polished to being a finished product, I think you’ll be pleased, if not mind blown.

This was also the launch party for the printing of Project 0 Part 2. Now in paperback, you can order yours online for $7.

We also want to acknowledge NU Helicon for printing a preview of Project 0 Part 2 in their Winter Magazine. We got a two page spread, centerfold no less, in the print copy and the entirety of 2.1 Pre-Dawn Darkness in their online edition.

Finally, I also had a short appearance in a Northwestern News news cast by Sarah Eberspacher so had to extend a hats off for the interview. It makes you both proud and humble to have other people acknowledge that you do what you do.

Comic book industry keeps up with the times from Sarah Eberspacher on Vimeo,
We’re out here trying to make comic books sexy.

So it was a wild couple of weeks, had a chance to do a lot of local promotion before I graduate and leave Northwestern in June.

We’re now going back into production mode.

Also check out our deviant art page all this week to get updates from the world of Fuzzy+.

FUZZY+ The Video Game

Thanks for listening, promoting, buying books, interviewing, reading blog posts, playing our games and all the other love we get from our fans and friends. Really, we can’t say it enough.

The Tower Approves.

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