Noor is closing in on our heroes with an aerial attack, while Ciro hatches a plan on the fly.


Energy blasts are an old staple of the action fantasy. Taking a few cues from classics like DBZ Noor continues with her full power assault.

Here we see a difference in the modders’ capabilities. While we’ve already explained that these characters may be able to do just about anything, but remember it all comes from within. Different personalities, talents, experiences and even perspective on life can enable different abilities. Modding is limitless in potential but is a direct reflection, and projection, of the modder.

Noor symbolizes wrath and her power shows because of it, the Saboteurs favor more precise and sneaky methods as exemplified by their extraordinary speed and dodging ability.

Someday they may realize the ability to go toe to toe with Noor, but today is not that day. Instead Ciro leads the chase into the Machine Graveyard. Aren’t another group of characters making a similar trip?


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