The kids arrive at long last. Now what do we do?

We’re getting closer to the climax and the kids couldn’t be more excited. With Project 0 we’re trying to craft and interesting and heartfelt epic adventure story. So we have to be very conscious of what kind of story works best in our established framework.

It’s easy for these kinds of tales to be caught up in drama and intrigue, so we want to make sure we never go too long without reminding the audience that the kids are kids. Not teenagers or young adults, if we wanted them to be that mature we could’ve made them older.

So as long as these are children who have had fairly easy and normal childhoods we like to drop a little bit of fun and spontaneity into how they approach their problems.

It’ll make that much more an impact when they have gone through some real changes, and real dilemmas. That’s called character development.

They grow up so fast, why not savor these small moments while they’re here?


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