Crud. And we were so close to The Machine Graveyard.


Noor’s aerial assault had no effect, so it’s time for a different approach.

Little known fact, there was once a time we considered skipping Noor entirely for Project 0 Phase I. Needless to say the danger level in this chase scene would have been much less convincing, and not as much fun to watch, if it was only the bikers our heroes were worried about.

Also it wouldn’t make as much sense for them to willingly run into the breakzone to debilitate themselves if they knew it wouldn’t be hurting someone like them on the enemy side.

Noor really struts her powers here in a way it wouldn’t make sense for Owen and the other to at this stage of their development, so we’re going to have her show off as much master level modding as possible.

Ciro and Kareem are no slouches either, we see more of Kareem’s speed and precision as he dodges climbs and runs along those earthen fists to close in for an attack, but does he know what he’s getting into? Find out next time.


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