You do not want to miss next week!

So we finally indulge in a little danger dialogue. At one point Kareem was supposed to be bantering with Noor, but we decided against it.

Being the slightly off kilter character she is, Noor can pull off talking while fighting. Kareem would probably be totally focused on the fight instead of responding to her. Even so, Noor is just so much stronger than he is that she overpowers him in the end anyway. It’s all about characterization, every step of the way.

Well this is the end for the two worlds. If you read the document on scribd, please do put it in book mode. For the past 3 spreads the left hand page has been for Owen and his friends, and the right side has been for Ciro and Kareem vs. Noor. Simultaneous story telling through the comic medium.

Two separate worlds about to collide head on in a big way. Next Week on Project 0. We think you’ll be pleased.

Last note, if you are in DC on July 12th buy a ticket and come on down to RAW for our showcase! Hit the link for details!

…Hmm, I think Wacky-Whizzer might be a Doug reference.


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