We at the Tower have been monitoring the Avatar franchise with great interest since we first heard about it in 2004.

I’m serious, I came up with this when I was 10 years old.

Mostly because in the year 2000 we came up with an extremely similar idea but we’ll talk more about our Element series later.

It was sometimes frustrating to watch the show knowing we came up with essentially the same concept before the series was even conceived. But because Avatar was in many ways like watching one of our own ideas brought to life, we always scrutinized every episode, and it always lived up to expectations.

Nothing short of legendary.

It’s one thing to have a good idea, it’s another thing to be able to execute it beautifully, and Avatar has been beautiful all throughout both The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

Korra especially is a prime example of what we’ve been calling, giving creative geniuses creative control. Every episode was written and directed by the same team of four people, telling the story they wanted to tell. It was a succinct 12 episode season, and just about every scene served a purpose. Minimal filler, very little fluff. Perfect? No. But incredibly entertaining and much tighter than Airbender ever was.

A worthy successor

Another example of this kind of tight story telling is a personal favorite, The Lion King. If you haven’t yet done so, re-watch it with a critical eye. It’s a short, sweet, simple and coherent whole, beautifully animated and expertly acted and surprisingly deep.

It’s no accident that it’s the most successful animated movie ever made.

When you let people do their thing they way they want to, without a lot of executive meddling it shines through in the quality.

Quality that we will one day soon be bringing to the masses.

Until then we’ll keep our eyes on Mike and Bryan, and the other creative geniuses we strive to emulate in our own way.

Good job Team Avatar.


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