Here we are, the climax of Part 2!

The divide is closed. The dreamy fantasy story of Owen and his friends, and the action adventure of Ciro and the saboteurs come together for the first time.

We tried different angles but decided having Ciro, Noor, and Kareem in profile really hammered home the dynamism and their speed. It also makes the page much more simple which makes great cinematic moments like this all the more iconic in comic book form, or really any medium.

It’s fast paced action but framed in such a way that you can pause and appreciate it. Besides that, this page really speaks for itself.

The first two page spread in Project 0. Bask in it.

The two worlds have collided together, things will never be the same again. More to come in the Graphic Novel Epic, Project 0.
RawArtists convention Mixology is happening in Washington DC July 12th and Central City Tower will be carrying the banner for the comic book industry.

Tickets are $10. Buy them through this link and to show that that you’re supporting the Tower.

The event goes from 8PM-12AM, classy attire, 21+. We need to sell 20 more tickets by the day of so please tell your friends, family, comic book fans and lovers of art of all ages or bring a date to do something a little different.

One thought on “PROJECT 0 PAGE 2.27/2.28 WORLDS COLLIDE

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