Raw Artists Showcase has come and gone. Kudos and much respect to all artists involved in making it a classy act. It was great to meet so many interesting people and see quality work from all different mediums.

There was a huge initial rush of our fans and friends, so thanks again to everyone who bought tickets in advance, we really appreciate it. The traffic at the booth was strong and consistent all night.

Along the way we also got a few new friends on the Roster, which is picking back up again so put down your email for bi-weeklies.  Box is on the left of this page for your convenience.

Project 0 Parts 1 and 2 were our mainstays, but the real eyecatchers were the concept pieces from the revisited Spider Stories.

In days to come we are doing a total revamp of 0’s sister series from the ground up, and trust us when we tell you you’re going to love it.

The series will not only be more of the quality you’ve come to expect from the Tower, but also revolutionary in its core concept. You can catch all updates pertaining to right here.

got the booth all set up and lookin’ good.

So last week was pretty hectic, but well worth it. Critics agree, the Tower had one of the best showings of the night.

Now, we’re getting back into our regularly scheduled groove. Look out for the weekly page later tonight, and look out for us next year at SanDiego.


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