Project 0 Page 2.31 – FIVE MAN BAND STAND

Together at last

Owen’s act of saving grace has not gone unnoticed. A brief pause in the action, and suddenly all eyes are on the kids. The saboteurs instinctively rush into defensive stance to protect them. Seeing this move, The Lancers rush to offense on Veronica’s orders, to eliminate any potential allies.  Ciro and Kareem are only a few years older than the kids, and with modding even children are a threat if they stand against you.

This is another iconic moment in Project 0 lore. Worlds Collide brought the two stories into the same space by accident. Here the characters officially begin to share one story. Oh and we have a cameo by one of our friends.

Its a regular five man band for but one glorious moment. Can you identify who would be who? We’re storytellers playing with tropes, I thought this would be a fun one, as its one of my personal favorites.

Everything is coming to a head. We’re almost to the end of Part 2.


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