So it’s not secret that we’re fans of the Olympics here at the Tower, watching the games is a truly special event every time it comes around. As visual artists were equally interested in the iconography that goes into the games.

Despite the controversy around the original colors of the Logo, and the admitted absurdity of this year’s mascots (that their designer did quick a write up in defense of Wenlock and Mandevilleand the blogosphere still was not moved) , we were quite impressed on the pictograms used this year. Check out this youtube video before to learn a bit about how they’re used outside of just on NBC’s bumps.

So we decided to indulge in a little more Olympic iconography once again.

This time around, instead of the Fuzman and Acman Pictograms, we let Fuzzy plus his crew get in on the action themselves.

For a little over a week you may have noticed new images going up on the Facebook page, you can also view the gallery below.

So what do you think, cuter than a Google Doodle? As good as Wenlock and Mandeville? You be the judge.

Congratulations to the United States for bringing home the most gold medals of the 30th Olympiad, kudos to London for hosting a good show all around, and honor to each nation that competed valiantly in both victory and defeat.

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