PROJECT 0 2.33 – RISE & 2.34 – LIGHT

Now that we’re done competing in the Olympics, we’re giving you a double shot of Project 0.

Speed Paint

These two pages work well together since the second one is a quickie. Here Owen rises to confront the cage almost instinctual, and the result is a massive explosion.

 Slow it Down

This is the grand finale. For it we really tried to slow down the pace so you could appreciate the kind of stress and confusion the characters are going through.

Also after building up to this for more than 30 pages, it felt right to give these snapshots, the confrontation, and the expression of light their time.

We close out Project 0 Part 2 next week. Long time coming.


One thought on “PROJECT 0 2.33 – RISE & 2.34 – LIGHT

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