Project 0 Page 2.35 – ALONE

The dust settles 

And Aatu and Bea are left alone. What has become of our heroes? Where are Owen, Ciro and Kareem, and what fate will befall Aatu and Bea. Two innocent children left to fact the evil army on their own.

The Stage of Project 0 has finally been set. The Two worlds have collided and life has changed forever for all our characters. In some ways parts 1 and 2 were really introductions to our characters and their world. Now that the audience is where they need to be in the world of Project 0, Part 3 will be where most of the real action starts.

Thanks for tuning in. Part 3 is already in the hopper, and we will resume weekly 0 updates in the very near future so expect a brief hiatus. In the meantime we’re going to explore other facets of Central City Tower.

 Keep it here.


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