This week voting closed and the results came in for RAW Awards 2012.

Central City Tower is proud to announce we placed in the top 5 for Visual Artists in DC, making us semi-finalists nominees moving on to the next stage of the competition!

Or we would’ve been..but due to some extenuating circumstances, Washington DC’s semi-final round (specifically, go figure) has been canceled. The means that the Number 1 of the prelims, The Art Monkeys, will be advancing to the National Finals without competition.

So kudos to them, as fellow indie artists we can’t but wish them well. And RAW is currently working to see what other consolation prizes or events the semi-finalist nominees like us might still be able to be a part of, even though we’ve been prematurely dropped out of the race.

It’s kind of a bittersweet feeling, not advancing on a technicality. It’s a weird place between knowing that you lost, but also knowing that your pride is intact since you did in fact qualify. Just missed out on being the dark horse because we weren’t the favorite.

We want to thank everyone who supported us, everyone who voted, everyone who wished us well. Friends, Family, and Fans. We couldn’t have made in the top 5 without you. That’s a big part of the pride.

So even in defeat we are never discouraged.

Already we’re in the midst of a major overhaul to Central City Tower. We can’t set a date on the new website yet but your going to love it, trust us.

A work in progress. There may or may not be something subliminal going on with the letters.

Also we’re sending off our application to be considered for San Diego Comic Con. If we get in its going to be a party.

We’ve being doing a lot of networking and trying to figure out how best to grow, so there are a lot of interesting ideas behind the scenes being tested and batted around right now.

So stay with us. Ash Ketchum’s been trying to be the very best since 1997 and he’s still never won a tournament, so we’re well on our way since 2010.

On with the show! On with the adventure!

More to come.


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