The fearless Princess Zahara. Destined to inherit rule of the Five Kingdoms. View her full bio on our mainsite.

zahara poster emblem


As a lead character Zahara has a completely different vibe than Owen of Project 0. Using her story arc as a starting point it gives Spider Stories a unique flavor.

Her design came fairly simply, but the colors took a bit more effort to get where we wanted them to be. At first it was pure white, then for fun we put her in colors resembling Nigeria’s Flag, which incidentally isn’t too far away from the colors of the African Union.

Finally we decided a main character becomes that much more iconic when dressed in primary colors. It’s a thing. So we designed the dress to be red on top and blue towards the bottom. Later we had it be pure red with gold accents to emphasize her power as a character.

z turnaround

Each section is a slightly different shade of red, we figure if she ever gets the film or live action treatment, the sections would have different patterns, or at least textures.

zahara sketches

Some early hair options. Also the patterns.

African textiles are really impressive, but we decided to simplify her design for now. We think it works? What do you think?



  1. I think the outfit looks great, I like that it stats of of fairly plain because I think it give you the opportunity to augment it if the story goes the way of some Japanese anime like Bleach where the main character progresses through stages and has his/her powers increase their garb changes to indicate their new found powers

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