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The Deuterogonist of Spider Stories is The Drummer Ayan.

In Yoruba culture, the prefix Ayan is a familial name typically associated with drummers. We decided to take the prefix and make it our characters’ name standalone.

His signature instrument is a special Talking Drum which he can use to communicate with Ancient Spirits and cast magic. However he’s also a jack of all trades musician, we may see him play other instruments as well as the series goes on.

Ayan is a comic relief character to contrast with the more serious Zahara. As foils they play off of each other well. He’s also a trickster, like Anansi the Spider or Puck.

His characterization is sort of ironic since his design is essentially a revamped version of the original Drummer from the African Kingdom Drummer project who was a straight-faced skeptic, rather than a jovial mystic. Perhaps he is a long lost descendant of that hero…

then and now spider

When revamping the series, even though we retooled his design we decided to make him a partner to our new main character Zahara, rather than the main character himself. You know. Change of pace. Besides we already have a happy go lucky boy as the hero of our other series. They’d probably get along well.



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