Here it is the cover art to Part 3

Part 3 Cover 5

On our history page you know this image was a long time in the making. Settling on an old favorite proved to be our best option.

Still we went through several iterations to get the cover where it is today. You can see in the video the main focus was always to have the 3 guys together as the main team of heroes for the series.

We did one that echoed Part 1’s cover having three heads above the flying machine instead of below it.

Cover I-1test 1

Too derivative….

We also tried having the three jumping from the top of the tower, Owen’s hand outstretched but it was too much like what you always see from action series. The punch the screen, jumping at the camera shot.

test 2

Too Cliche… (it is always their left hand isn’t it?)

So then we went back and just recreated Project Guys. The image that sort of set the tone for what we finally wanted the series to be back when we first started all those years ago.

test 3 Part 3 Cover 1a

I like it! Step up!

(Still we tried again to spruce it up by putting Aatu and Bea in captivity in the bottom corner. It was too much going on and it shifted focus away from what was important. All part of good design.)

Part 3 Cover 3 Part 3 Cover 5

We put the flying Machine in the background finally to top it off so it wasn’t just blank sky, and made it bigger so it filled the space well. Speaking of the sky notice anything funny about the clouds? A subtle shout out to one of the later scenes of this issue. Order online to read it yourself!


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