Project 0 Page 3.04 – GOOD MORNING AGAIN

page 304 copy

Owen wakes up after his Fall From Sky, and is immediately greeted by Ciro. And confused as all get out over why he’s on top of the Air Traffic Control Tower.

Kid doesn’t know his own strength. Yet.

This meeting took several different forms over the course of Project 0’s writing. Originally, originally he would’ve woken up in an open field somewhere, being patched up by Ciro after being wounded in the fight.

Later we had him wake up in the middle of the Town, in a safe house ran by either the Saboteurs or just an outsider sympathizer. Never quite figured it out.

We also imagined that he should wake up and the Lancers should still be patrolling around the Machine Graveyard, and Ciro and Kareem would be in the middle of a stealth mission when he came to trying to escort him to a safehouse.

bw 304This was probably the longest hangup in the writing of Parts 3 and 4 was figuring out just where we wanted him to be after the teleportation at the end of Part 2. At one point we almost wanted to skip the whole thing and leave it a mystery. He would teleport at the end of Part 2, and then we’d time skip a couple months in the future and explain where he ended up in heartwrenching flashbacks.

But finally we decided to drop him on the Control Tower and tell this story. We like how it came out.


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