The three heroes together at last. This is going to be the core trio for Project 0 going forward.

page 306 copy

Granted this isn’t a very heroic introduction. It’s just as awkward as you might imagine it to be.

Ciro, the cool, cocky oldest, Owen the goofy and amicable youngest, and Kareem the tacit middle trying not to be overwhelmed. Shouts to Blue Satellite for using his track for this week’s Zero Music.

Artistically if you watch the vid, you can see we reduced the amount of indented panels. It was a technique we used sparingly in previous chapters but really put to work in Part 3. When looking at the book as a whole we maybe overused it so we took it out of places where it either made the layout confusing, or didn’t particularly add anything meaningful in terms of flow.

bw 306It’s not there yet but there’s gonna be a lot of brotherly love soon.


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