A plan of action is formed

page 308 copy

Owen’s no saboteur yet, but he’s already on board with this rescue operation, and is about to lend his small part in making it happen. The Flying Machine making a comeback.

This speed painting was combined with the previous week’s since we had just starter our SPIDER STORIES KICKSTARTER and things were pretty chaotic.

I love Starfish.

We went through a couple interations on the panel break down on this page too. Rarely are things perfect on the first try:

bw 308c bw 308b

That key panel indent which is the layout theme we mastered this time around, and debating when we should use it and when it was overkill. This time we decided to throw it in anyway.

In terms of dialogue, John really pushed for Kareem to say something about running ‘an extraction’ instead of a ‘rescue operation’ or a ‘mission’ or any other word that’d be pretty much synonymous. but connotations mean everything. Subtle word choices define the tone of a series and its characters. Overtime it becomes a writing style.

I like this page because it gets at the dynamic between Owen and Kareem, which in 0’s earliest stages was the most important relationship in the series. Their contrasting personalities, vitriolic friendship, and competitive rivalry. They both represent what the other isn’t. They’ll clash and learn from each other as the story goes on, one day in the future they could even be the best of friends.


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