Back to the B story. Aatu and Bea.

page 309 copy

Despite the fact that these guys were Owen’s throw away friends who just got captured so the Saboteurs would have something to do, we ended up making their relationship probably more complex than any other so far. They’re real favorites around here.

Best friends, dare we say middle school sweethearts, whose relationship gets strained by a bad place and a difficult situation. How do you deal with stress, when things go all the way wrong? Well two different answers. Bea’s trying to ‘set things right’ go back to how it was. Aatu is resigned, he hasn’t given up, but he’s accepted where he is and doesn’t see much room for change anymore.

Fittingly our music choice this week isn’t as cheery as some of that glitch hop we used for the Saboteur’s scene. Shout out to Minnesota for letting us use his track. And to one of my friends who put me on to this music. You know who you are.

The big yellow arrows were light source indicators. Just to keep it consistent from panel to panel.

bw 309We took out the indented panel too.

Their fight gets put on hold just as Aatu asks a gripping question. Someone’s at the door.

What’s to come for these two otherwise normal kids who have just been caught up in a world so much bigger than themselves?


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