The mood has changed

page 310 copyIt’s the kin of situation that’s awkward for everyone involved. But in a world where kids can teleport and cause mass destruction everyone must be duly interrogated.

This also comes right in the middle of Aatu and Bea’s verbal exchange which was getting rather testy a moment ago.

There’s a certain amount of lull in the air and uneasiness in the space lingering around this moment. This weeks music choice alludes to that sense a little bit. Just waiting for it to be over. Shouts to Ametsub for allow us to use some tracks on our videos.

bw 310Layout wise this one came together fairly naturally. That center panel gets to the point of space we mentioned earlier.

The room comes alive as another showcase of Lancer tech. Sliding doors. Tables that rise up from the ground, like hovering tiles (watch your footing), and the hologram of Ciro and Kareem, the wanted saboteurs. A little Star Warsian.


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