Well its certainly been a while. Hope you all followed us on Kickstarter and our Facebook page. As we head into the summer its time to bring this blog back to life!

Lets go behind into the art development of the Blacksmith.


We designed him originally to fill up the merchant caravan and make the place active. We wanted the people to make the setting more vibrant as an ensemble, but also interesting enough to take an episode or two on their own. Maybe even join the core team.

Blacksmith sketch

My vision for the character is that he’d be strong and imposing, but would always have a smile on his face. Potentially a love interest for Zahara, but I’m not in charge of the script so we’ll see if that goes anywhere.

blacksmith turnaround

Design wise his clothing is modern, but the bright blue floral pattern bring in a touch of traditional dress. His hammer is used in battle, but its primary purpose is in the shop. As creators we’re constantly doing research on what makes sense for our characters and what attributes from existing mythology we want to weave in.


So thinking of Ogun, the god of iron, some more formal weapons may come his way. He should probably get a name to go with it …



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