hawk general colorsOne of the central antagonists of the Spider Stories series; the Hawk General. An ambassador and champion warrior from the Hawk Tribe sent to oversee their destruction of the Alliance. He is dark and mysterious.

The Hawk Tribe has historically been at odds with the Five Tribes of the Alliance. Growing up in a hostile environment, the young Hawk General once looked to the Alliance in envy. As he grew, so to did that envy grow into rage. He has since devoted himself to destroying all the Alliance stands for, from the inside out.

The shift in power from the Lions to the Elephants has given him an opportunity.

The Hawk General’s general design is inspired by the garb of Zulu warriors like the one seen below.Zulu WarriorHis design has actually evolved a bit from his earliest incarnation to be fiercer and more distinct. You may notice we gave him tattoos evocative of turtle shells, despite the emblem on his sash looking like a Hawk. Like Anansi the Spider, the Tortoise also features heavily in African folklore, perhaps hinting towards another great Spirit.

zulu sketch

We might re-purpose this early design for lower ranking soldiers

zulu sketch 2

He started to take shape here

Finally when it came to colors we initially had a more brown and orange theme, but decided to make him more of a classic looking villain with blacks, purples and a little bit of red. Darkness, nobility, and blood. He takes some cues from other fantasy villains like the Sith from Star Wars, the Black Knight of Fire Emblem, and Zumbi Azul from Capoeira Fighter.

hawk influences

Unambiguously Evil – at least until the plot kicks in

The Hawk Fighters are Magic Knights. They are agile, nimble, yet tremendously powerful and have plenty of mystical tricks to make them all the more unpredictable. A stark contrast to the more direct and straightforward style of Zahara. It should make for an epic battle down the road.

z vs hawk


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