Bringing a little brightness to the caravan. Introducing The Little One: Musi.

musi white emblem eyes

So how did we settle on this design?

A few weeks ago we opened it up to the Kickstarter backers and Facebook fans on how they would like to see the finished Musi when we posted these rough sketches:

musi composite 1 musi composite 2

So as the results started to roll in, we began to synthesize the best elements of the ones that were getting shout outs and drew up another batch of sketches.

musi resketches

The pose in the middle we felt captured the tone of her character the best. While the others are certainly in her range, if we had to pick one, the sort of sing-song swaying makes her childlike, the smirk and eye roll makes her a little spunky. Once we settled on a pose, we start the clean up process in Photoshop.

musi dress

As the process went on behind the scenes, more comments kept rolling in online. Number 14 from the first round of sketches was the clear winner, so overtime we started making it more of a straight adaption of 14.

musi colors

So then we started thinking about colors. We tested a few things out, and even did one just for fun as a shout out to Susie Carmichael from Rugrats. But thinking about design of the series and making things congruent, as much as possible we want consistency in the colors the tribes are represented in. As a Lion, Musi’s colors should be of that same warm theme, mostly red’s, gold’s and oranges.

lion 1

We gave her a scheme that matched Zahara’s almost too closely being red with yellow accents. We want the two to have a sisterly relationship, but not be mistaken for sisters. So we simply flipped the script and made it yellow with red accents so she could stand out, leading to the finished emblem art you see at the top of the page.

And that’s pretty much how we do things around here.

Thanks for the input on this one!


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