Enter the Tinkerer

tinkerer 2

This character has actually had his design set for quite a while now. What was holding him up really was his pose.

photo 2We imagined him having two tables that unfold and become his work station, but could be stood upright and follow him around as robotic assistants. In a sense they were shout-outs to Azaka and Kamidake from the Tenchi series.

However they were a bit too technological and seemed out of place once designed.



Final character art can take time to develop and we liked the overall mood, but we had to scrap his robo-logs. So we got hung up trying to figure out something else for him to lean on. Until we took it in a new direction.

So with a bit of tweaking the picture came to life in a new way that makes perfect sense.

The Tinkerer represents the technology element of Spider Stories and is Zahara’s practical adviser in the physical world, just as the Spider is directly connect to the Drummer in the Spirit world.  There are subtle details in his staff that are nods to this parallel, and his connection to the royal family. It also sets him up as a more powerful character as an elder. Similarly Gamba and Zahara have staffs with crystals in them, and many other leaders and people in respected positions will too.

Besides, many great old men before him have carried canes.

And that’s our main cast. Quite an impressive line up.


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