Caravan Symbology

Hey I’m finally in the show! How’s it going wordpress?

Today’s 45 day update is a note on the symbols we’ve used in Spider Stories, particularly in conceiving the caravan.

red gizmo adinkra

For example in the Red Gizmo you notice three symbols on the far wall. The two on the sides are the Spider Symbol, which we use to represent the Spirit World. The symbol looks like a Spider Web and is based on the adinkra symbol for Anansi the Spider, conveying wisdom, creativity and storytelling. It’s the only national symbol that’s based on an pre-existing language. And is the logo for the whole series.

As long as we’re on the subject of adinkra, the symbol in the center a wisdom knot or nyansapo. It symbolizes wisdom, patience, and ingenuity. This isn’t significant to the Spider Stories narrative the way the national symbols are per se. They’re meant to spruce up the caravan cars as a nod to people who recognize and wear them in real life. The Tinkerer is an engineer and fits the mentor archetype so it all fits together.

Other caravan cars have adinkra motifs, either on the outside or hanging inside somewhere.

antique adinkra

For instance the Head Merchants adinkra was the measuring stick – hwe mu dua-  quality control, prudence, and a push towards perfection are conveyed. Appropriate for a business man and antique shop owner. You can see some stylized markings made with this symbol in mind, though it’s not a direct translation. Below are some real examples of prints of the symbol.

hwe mu dua

These are some of the things that inform our creative decisions. Look out for other adinkras peppered in the background.

More to come

Spider 45.


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