You may have noticed in the most recent color key the drummer looks a little bit different than what we’re used to.

drummer update 1

Who this is?

Let’s talk about design. As we mentioned in the Twins update, strong design especially in cartoons tends to follow the distinct silhouette philosophy.  That is you should be able to tell which character you’re looking at just by their outline.

drummer update 4

While we liked and grew quite attached to the original drummer design, he was really just in a shirt and pants. We’ve livened up his design a bit by making the jagged motif more prominent, added subtle diamond patterns in place of the yellow strips and gave him a hat for good measure among other details.

drummer update 2

From full regalia to even simpler than where he started and well over 20 iterations later we started to get to a place we thought captured his spirit and was practical and comfortable to move around in.

drummer update bracelets

We wanted to break up the space on his arms a bit too. Bandages were a no go especially after seeing what happens when their inherent coolness is abused…

drummer update 3

Talk back. What do you think about the new direction?


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